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Amy McNulty Author Interview: Candy, Book Boyfriends, and Valentine’s

Today we’re bringing you an exclusive interview from Amy McNulty (writing as Joy Penny), author of A Love For The Pages.

1.) What is one thing your character loves?

Books! (June from A Love for the Pages)

2.) What is one thing you love about being an author?

Bringing all my babies (characters) to life on the page.

3.) Flowers or candy?

Candy please. (Preferably Kit-Kats.)

4.) If your character were to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what would they do?

Cozy up beside her crush reading a book by the fire. (June again)

5.) What character should win an award for best book boyfriend? What character should win for best book girlfriend?

My favorite all-time best book boyfriend is Edward Rochester (yes, I know he’s a terrible person in a lot of ways–I have a thing for Byronic heroes). My drool-worthy best book girlfriend is Elizabeth Bennet. I love how confident she is in herself and yet how willing she is to change.

6.) What was the best Valentine’s Day card you ever received?

Sailor Moon ones! My friends and I were excited to find those like 20 years ago.

7.) If were were to give out Valentine’s Day cards this year, what would they say?

Buy a book! (I’d send it with an Amazon gift card.)

8.) Do you have anything fun planned this month? 

I have a lot of editing and revising to do, both for my clients and myself. (Which is oddly fun for me!) I want to see LEGO Batman and my mom wants me to take her to see Fifty Shades Darker… I’m not sure how I feel about that. (I did cave and see Fifty Shades of Grey.)

9.) Give us an update on what you’re working on right now.

I’m about to start the first revisions for Stay in Touch Book One, Touch of Fondness!

10.) What is your current most-used-word.



Thanks so much to Amy for joining us this month to chat about her Valentine’s day, what she’s working on right now, and her most used word. We can’t wait to have you back!

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