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T. Damon Author Interview:

Today we’re bringing you an exclusive interview from T Damon, author of The Forest Spirit Series. 

1.) What is one thing your character loves?
I’m going to have to go with Myso, my beloved lavender-eyed troll from The Forest Spirit Series. In the Reckoning, Myso is a big fan of a candy that Eleonora makes called “caramel-coated crawlies”. They’re basically grubs covered in melted sugar. Yum!

2.) What is one thing you love about being an author?
I love being able to express my emotions through my writing. I’ve suffered from almost-crippling anxiety and depression my entire life (I’m pretty good at hiding it for the most part, though) and writing has been an invaluable outlet for me to release all my frantic and sometimes confusing feelings about life.

3.) Flowers or candy?
Candy! Especially Violet Crumble and Scotchmallows from See’s. Unless, of course, the flowers are given to me while still planted. I’m probably terrible and morbid for saying this, but I always tell my husband not to get me “flower corpses”, but rather, plants that are still living. But if I had to choose between flowers and candy altogether– I pick ice cream.

4.) If your character were to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what would they do?
Eleonora would cook a delicious meal for Felix, and I’m sure some kind of romantic interlude would follow, seeing as how Felix is more than ready to be a father!

5.) What character should win an award for best book boyfriend? What character should win for best book girlfriend?
Kellen! All the way. Despite his somewhat surly warrior demeanor, Kellen is actually quite sweet and romantic, and extremely protective of Narena, ever since they were kids. Best book girlfriend? I’m going to pick Eleonora since she did, after all, sacrifice a huge aspect of her livelihood for her love of Felix.

6.) What was the best Valentine’s Day car you ever received?
Not really much of a card person, unless it’s something that you’ve made yourself. But if you really want to know the way to my heart, it would be crystals. I don’t care how big, small, weirdly shaped, or imperfect it is. I love crystals!

7.) If were were to give out Valentine’s Day cards this year, what would they say?
“Leave me alone.” (hahaha, I’m a grumpy Gus. I guess it’s because my birthday is eleven days after Valentine’s Day, so I don’t really expect much from the holiday. My birthday, however, is another story.)

8.) Do you have anything fun planned this month?
My birthday is the 25th, and my husband and I plan on taking a little overnight trip to an old gold mining town to stay in a haunted hotel. I can’t wait!

9.) Give us an update on what you’re working on right now.
Currently, I’m working on The Reckoning: Book 3 of The Forest Spirit Series. I’m about four chapters in, and really starting to gain that momentum that keeps you inspired until you finish the book.

10.) What is your current most-used-word.
Probably “indeed”, “of course”, or “upon”. Hehehe!


Thanks so much to T Damon for joining us this month to chat about her Valentine’s day, what she’s working on right now, and her most used word. We can’t wait to have you back!

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