About SWP

Snowy Wings Publishing is an independent, author-driven publisher of Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult fiction. We are an UN-traditional publisher focused on providing authors with a team that supports and boosts each other, while also enabling each author flexibility and independence. Learn more about the co-op advantage below, or meet our authors and their books. Interested in joining the team? See our submissions page!

The Co-Op Advantage: The Best of Both Worlds

Co-op publishing is a unique publishing experience that marries the best parts of indie and traditional publishing. Want to maintain creative control, keep the rights to your books and 100% of your royalties, but still want the marketing and support of a traditional publisher? That’s possible through co-op publishing. We think of ourselves as the difference between a credit union and a bank: our focus is on helping our members succeed rather than turning over a profit. From a team of in-house professionals to a built-in support system for your publishing questions and marketing strategies, we have all the best features of an independent publishing house with the additional advantage of providing our authors with the autonomy that comes with self-publishing.

Want to get involved? Check out our submissions page to see if SWP would be a good fit for you!