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Author Interview: Joy Penny (Amy McNulty) on All Things March

Today we’re chatting with author Joy Penny (A.K.A Amy McNulty)!

1.) How is the color green connected to your book?

In my upcoming book, TOUCH OF FONDNESS, the main characters spend a fair amount of time at a park in the early summer, so it’s pretty green there.

2.) A leprechaun randomly walks into a scene in your book…who finds it?

Brielle (TOUCH OF FONDNESS) when she’s digging through the piles of boxes cluttering her room in her childhood home.

3.) They say leprechauns hide gold at the end of a rainbow. Suddenly a pot of gold has been given to your characters-how does this impact/change your story?

Brielle would be ecstatic because she could pay off her student loans, which are about to start going into repayment, and she need only take a job if it appeals to her.

4.) If your characters were forced to wear green for the entire length of your book would that make a difference in your story?

I don’t think so, although people would be bound to comment on their lack of fashion variety, especially superficial friend Lilac.

5.) Green is sometimes connected to envy…are you envious of any of the characters in your book?

I’m envious of Archer (TOUCH OF FONDNESS) working in the comic industry, although he doesn’t make a ton of money. (Luckily for him, he comes from a well-to-do background.)

6.) What’s one awesome thing happening this month in your life?

I’m probably going to see a new movie once a week at this rate with LOGAN, KONG: SKULL ISLAND, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST all as March releases.

7.) Tell us a story about you, won’t you?

I recently waited until a 70-degree winter day (not normal in the Midwest…) to try Shamrock hot chocolate from McDonald’s. Big mistake.

8.) Have any big news?

TOUCH OF FONDNESS has a release date now (May 2nd) and you can sign up for the cover reveal (which will be April 7th) today!

9.) What’s the last line you wrote?

I’m currently in revision land and I haven’t drafted since January.

10.) Give a shout out to someone who has been really helpful to you recently.

Melissa Giorgio, long-time beta reader, editor, and best friend!


Thank you so much to Joy/Amy for hanging out with us and chatting about her upcoming book, leprechauns, and her hot chocolate mishap!

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