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Author Interview: Selenia Paz on Her Most Recently Written Line

Today we have author Selenia Paz chatting about March, the color green, and her new book.


1.) How is the color green connected to your book?

One of the houses in the book is green, a light green, and one of the supernatural characters has green eyes.

2.) A leprechaun randomly walks into a scene in your book…who finds it?

Ooh I’ve thought of this. There are a set of characters that are sort of like duendes, supernatural characters, and one of the main characters is on their trail; I kept thinking that this forest scene where he is following them would be a great part for a leprechaun to pop up in.

3.) They say leprechauns hide gold at the end of a rainbow. Suddenly a pot of gold has been given to your characters-how does this impact/change your story?

There would be some sort of twist attached, maybe each piece of gold that was taken could mean that a year of the life of my character would also be taken.

4.) If your characters were forced to wear green for the entire length of your book would that make a difference in your story?

I think they might be spotted a little bit easier, but if it was a dark green, they might be able to blend in during the forest scenes.

5.) Green is sometimes connected to envy…are you envious of any of the characters in your book?

No, when I really think about it, it is a very sad and scary situation they are in.

6.) What’s one awesome thing happening this month in your life?

This may be a little random, but I’m going to have a three day weekend next week!

7.) Tell us a story about you, won’t you?

Oh boy! When I was going over my manuscript I realized that halfway through the book I had gone from first person to third person, from I to he/she, and I got so confused the next day I was sure I had been dreaming, until I opened up my document.

8.) Have any big news?

Yes! My book cover reveal just happened.

9.) What’s the last line you wrote?

“I need a favor.”

10.) Give a shout out to someone who has been really helpful to you recently.

Lyssa Chiavari, for being very supportive and helpful all throughout my writing, for thinking that my ideas are interesting and that people would like to read them, and for designing the beautiful cover to my book.


Thank you so much to Selenia for hanging out and chatting with us all about March, the color green, and the most recent line she wrote.

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