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Author Interview: Clare Dugmore on the Color Green

Today we’ve got SWP author, Clare Dugmore, hanging out with us to chat about all things March!

1.) How is the color green connected to your book?

In two ways. All It Takes’ female main character, Megan’s, surname is Green, and incidentally her eye colour is green! 😃

2.) A leprechaun randomly walks into a scene in your book…who finds it?

My leading man Kian, and his family, are originally from Ireland, so him finding it would be pretty funny. He’d probably think his training buddy Josh was playing a prank on him!

3.) They say leprechauns hide gold at the end of a rainbow. Suddenly a pot of gold has been given to your characters-how does this impact/change your story?

As Kian is a cage fighter, he earns quite good money anyway, so a pot of gold probably wouldn’t make much difference to him.

For Megan, it would mean a lot. When she finds out she’s pregnant, she has to start using her savings to buy things for the baby, and put a deposit down on a bigger flat. Plus she’s nearing the end of her university degree, so her future is more uncertain. Having a lump sum of money to fall back on would take some of the stress out of having a baby.

4.) If your characters were forced to wear green for the entire length of your book would that make a difference in your story? 

As it’s a contemporary romance, I don’t think it would impact the story all that much. Megan sometimes wears green clothes to compliment her eyes, and I’m sure an Irish charmer like Kian could pull off green! 😉

5.) Green is sometimes connected to envy…are you envious of any of the characters in your book?

Megan because she got to kiss Kian! LOL

6.) What’s one awesome thing happening this month in your life?

It’s my hubby’s birthday on March 3. We’re not sure what are plans are yet, but it will involve (low carb/ low sugar, diet friendly) cake! <— LOL Why do all my SWP posts involve cake?!

7.) Tell us a story about you, won’t you?

Last year, when me and my best friend/ editor Kyra Lennon met up, I accidentally shut a man in a café! I was walking away, and tugged the door closed behind me, not realising some guy on the other side was pulling on the handle, trying to get out!

We’re meeting up again in April (she lives 175 miles away, so we don’t see each other as often as we like to), so hopefully we can lock more guys in cafes!

8.) Have any big news?

YES! I’m taking part in a charity anthology, to be released in April. The cover reveal for which is March 14. I’m very excited, not only because there will be some great short-stories and poems featured, but because all proceeds go to a charity that supports those who suffer from cluster headaches.

9.) What’s the last line you wrote?

From my WIP age-gap romance: “Hopefully now she’s back here, we can.” He sighed and raked his hands through his hair. “I called Tessa, but it went straight to voice mail.”

10.) Give a shout out to someone who has been really helpful to you recently.

My friend Scout Dawson! She’s just started serializing a post-apocalyptic survival story on Wattpad, and her enthusiasm has motivated me to get back to my WIP, which I’ve been neglecting recently.


Special thanks to Clare for hanging out and chatting with us this month!

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