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Author Interview Vicki L. Weavil: Math and Valentine’s Day

Today we’re bringing you an exclusive interview from Vicki L. Weavil, author of THE MIRROR OF IMMORTALITY series.

1.) What is one thing your character loves?

Thyra, the protagonist of CROWN OF ICE, loves learning, especially related to math!

2.) What is one thing you love about being an author?
The opportunity to tell my stories and have others read them.

3.) Flowers or candy?
Flowers. I get those a lot less than candy!

4.) If your character were to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what would they do?

Thyra would spend the day working equations and debating math problems with Kai, her math-geek equal.

5.) What character should win an award for best book boyfriend? What character should win for best book girlfriend?

Boyfriend – Mark Hallam in my adult scifi trilogy, THE OTHERS. (BTW, the first two books in the trilogy – THE LIGHT FROM OTHER SUNS and THE DARK OF OTHER SKIES — come out in March and April!). Girlfriend – Varna Lund, my protagonist in SCEPTER OF FIRE.

6.) What was the best Valentine’s Day card you ever received?

First card from my husband.

7.) If you were to give out Valentine’s Day cards this year, what would they say?

Love Conquers Hate.

8.) Do you have anything fun planned this month?

Fun? What is that? No, I do hope to have a few dates with my husband, so that will be fun!

9.) Give us an update on what you’re working on right now.

I’m writing the third book in THE MIRROR OF IMMORTALITY trilogy – ORB OF LIGHT. The first two books – CROWN OF ICE and SCEPTER OF FIRE – will release from Snowy Wings Publishing in May.

10.) What is your current most-used word?


Thanks so much to Vicki for joining us this month to chat about her Valentine’s day, what she’s working on right now, and her most used word. We can’t wait to have you back!

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