Announcement: THE RECKONING is coming!

We are pleased to announce that the next book in The Forest Spirit Series by T. Damon is coming this summer!

An ancient coven of sibling warlocks known as the Controllers has returned to the Forest, dead set on continuing the destruction of the spiritual balance among the kingdoms of beings and animals. Someone has released them to further implement the downfall of the Forest—but who?

Once-protected portals are no longer being guarded, zombies roam freely at will, and more and more beings of light are succumbing to possession from the inescapable negativity that is now commonplace. The Forest has reached its time of reckoning, and it seems as though all hope to save the kingdoms may be lost forever.

Unless, of course, King Felix, Queen Eleonora, and their multi-species army are able to stop the Controllers before they destroy the Higher Spirits once and for all, prompting the entire Forest to fall into complete and utter ruin. But will they succeed before the Forest descends entirely into darkness?

The Reckoning releases August 22 from Snowy Wings Publishing. Add it to your to-read list on Goodreads here!

Want to help reveal the gorgeous cover from Lia Wayward Designs? Sign up here! The cover reveal takes place on June 28.

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