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Author Interview: Jane Watson on her kitten, leprechauns, who she envies from her book

Today we have author Jane Watson chatting about leprechauns, the color greens and more.

1.) How is the color green connected to your book?

Green is connected to “A Midsummer Night’s Dudebro,” because one of the characters, Tuck Robinson has green eyes, and I use them a lot to describe his mischief-making. It’s also related in that there is a lot of jealousy in the book.

2) A leprechaun randomly walks into a scene in your book…who finds it?

This is hilarious. I think it would have to be Kurt. The scene would go something like this:
Kurt: “Dude! There’s a leprechaun! You want some coffee, tiny dude? We’ve got an Irish latte… oh, I’m sorry, did I just insult you? Don’t want to be playing into stereotypes, man.”
Grizz: “What are you doing?”
Kurt: “Oh, hey, Rizzo, there’s a leprechaun… wait, where did he go?”
Grizz backed away slowly. “Obe, I think you’d better call Kurt’s parents—he finally lost it!”
Then I think the leprechaun would put a spell on Kurt so that anything he does or says in front of Grizz goes horribly wrong.

3) They say leprechauns hide gold at the end of a rainbow. Suddenly a pot of gold has been given to your characters-how does this impact/change your story.

If a pot of gold was given to Grizz, she wouldn’t need her summer job to fix her car—that would impact the story a lot. If she didn’t work at Merry Mule Coffee, she wouldn’t meet Dimitri, and she wouldn’t be stuck with Kurt half of the time.

4) If your characters were forced to wear green for the entire length of your book would that make a difference in your story? 

No, the color wouldn’t impact the story, except it might drive Grizz, who is a fashionista, nuts if she was stuck wearing one color all summer long.

5) Green is sometimes connected to envy…are you envious of any of the characters in your book?

I have to say, Kurt’s car, Kahuna, a Pacific Blue Jeep Wrangler Islander (with a lucky tiki on the dash) is my dream car. I definitely envy him that!

6) What’s one awesome thing happening this month in your life?

The cover reveal for the paperback bind-up of “A Midsummer Night’s Dudebro” (including “The Taming of the Dudebro!) is on March 15th, so I’m super excited.

7) Tell us a story about you, won’t you?

I think my kitten has a sixth sense about snow. She started hitting my blinds really early this morning and knocked something over, which woke me up. I decided to humor her by lifting my blinds, and the moment I did, she dive-bombed the window, chattering as she pounced the snowflakes.

8) Have any big news? 

“A Midsummer Night’s Dudebro” is coming out on April 18th. I will be receiving the paperback proof in a couple of weeks!

9.) What’s the last line you wrote?
“If you pardon, we will mend.” (Grizz quoting Shakespeare).

10.) Give a shout out to someone who has been really helpful to you recently.

I’m going to give a shout-out to Lyssa Chiavari, who designed both the e-book and paperback of “A Midsummer Night’s Dudebro.” They look amazing!


Thanks so much to Jane for chatting with us about her book, her kitten, and how her book would be different if there was a surprise pot of gold.

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