Snow Angels Feather Central

Hello, Snow Angels! Looking for information about our special points and rewards system, otherwise known as Feathers? Look no further!

You can earn Feathers for your Angel Wings by doing certain tasks in the street team. Once a month, you can trade your feathers in for exclusive prizes. Make sure to keep an eye on the Snow Angels Facebook Group to know which date each month we’ll be letting you trade your feathers in. Prizes are being added and rotated regularly, so make sure you check this page to see what you can trade your feathers for!

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Next Feather Trade-In Date: February 15

Ways to Earn Feathers

  • 10 feathers for signing up for our newsletter
  • 10 feathers for following all of the authors on one social media platform
  • 7 feathers for appearing on the weekly SWWS live video (more information here)
  • 7 feathers for creating a video on why you’re excited to read an upcoming SWP title and posting to social media and/or YouTube
  • 7 feathers for creating a video of yourself reading the first 1-5 pages of an SWP title aloud and posting it on social media and/or YouTube
  • 7 feathers for doing a cover reveal video and posting it on social media and/or YouTube (includes SnapChat and Instagram Stories)
  • 5 feathers for registering an account on
  • 5 feathers for referring new Snow Angels
  • 5 feathers for interviewing Snowy Wings authors on your blog
  • 5 feathers for posting cover reveals on your blog
  • 5 feathers for creating an original Bookstagram photo
  • 5 feathers for creating a book Pinterest board or aesthetic
  • 5 feathers for participating in release-day blitzes or Facebook parties
  • 5 feathers for participating in a Thunderclap campaign
  • 3 feathers for sending a question to Sylvia’s Corner in the monthly newsletter
  • 2 feathers for sharing cover reveals on social media
  • 2 feathers for each original (not a retweet or reblog) social media post about Snowy Wings/its authors/their books (Limit 20 feathers per month)
  • 1 feather for commenting on Snowy Wings blog (Limit 10 feathers per month)
  • 1 feather for retweeting or reblogging the Snowy Wings account or the Snowy Wings authors on your social media (1 feather per retweet/reblog, limit 10 feathers per month)

Exchange Your Feathers For Prizes

  • 20 feathers for: An exclusive Snow Angels Elite Member header and graphic package for your Social Media pages
  • 30 feathers for: A Snow Angels wallpaper in various sizes for smartphone, desktop, and tablet
  • 50 feathers for: $5 Amazon gift card
  • 65 feathers for: Special sticker
  • 65 feathers for: Snow Angels “Press Passes”
  • 80 feathers for: A signed copy of the Snowy Wings book of your choice (for US residents, you’ll get physical signed copy for most books*; for anywhere else in the world The Book Depository ships to, you’ll get a copy of the book and a signed book plate will be sent separately)
  • 100 feathers for: A Sylvia Plush Owl (US addresses only)

More prizes to be added!

* some exceptions apply since not all of our authors are US-based