Our Books

Below you will find our complete catalog of current and upcoming titles. Upcoming titles are indicated with their expected publication dates in parentheses.

Middle Grade

Selenia Paz

  • Life and Death (2017) (MG Fantasy)

Melanie McFarlane

The Descendants Series (MG Fantasy)

  • Book One, The Missing Guardian (2017)
  • Book Two, The Mer-Queen’s Daughter (2018)
  • Book Three, The Fire Walker’s Curse(2019)
  • Book Four, The Court’s Last Stand (2020)

Mark C. King

The Book Reapers Series (MG Historical Fantasy)
  • Book One, The Book Reapers

T. Damon

The Forest Spirit Series (MG Fantasy)
  • Book One, The Falling
  • Book Two, The Haunting
  • Book Three, The Reckoning
  • Book Four, The Awakening (2018)

Young Adult

Vicki L. Weavil

The Mirror of Immortality (YA Fantasy)
  • Book One, Crown of Ice
  • Book Two, Scepter of Fire

K.M. Robinson

The Golden Trilogy (YA Dystopian)
  • Book One, Golden
  • Book Two, Locked
  • Book Three, Edge (2018)
  • Forged, A Golden Novella
The Jaded Duology (YA Dystopian)
  • Book One, Jaded
  • Book Two, Risen (2018)
The Legends Chronicles (YA Science Fiction/Cyberpunk)
  • Along Came a Spider: A Legends Chronicle Source Code Novelette
  • And They’ll Come Home: A Legends Chronicle Prequel Novelette (2018)

Selenia Paz

  • The Devil’s Daughter (2018) (YA Contemporary/Mystery)

Amy McNulty

Blood, Bloom, and Water (YA Paranormal Romance)
  • Book One, Fangs and Fins (2018)

Clara Kensie

Deception So (YA Thriller/Paranormal Romance)
  • Book One, Deception So Deadly
  • Book Two, Deception So Dark (2018)
  • Book Three, Deception So Dangerous (2018)

Mary Fan

  • Starswept (YA Science Fiction/Romance)

Lyssa Chiavari

The Iamos Trilogy (YA Science Fiction)
  • Book One, Fourth World
  • Book Two, New World (2018)
  • Book Three, One World (2018)
  • Different Worlds, An Iamos Novella

New Adult

Jane Watson

The Dudebro Series (YA/NA Contemporary Romance)
  • The Taming of the Dudebro
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dudebro

Joy Penny

  • A Love for the Pages (NA Contemporary Romance)
  • A Love for the Mistletoe (YA Contemporary Romance)
Stay In Touch Series (NA Contemporary Romance)
  • Touch of Fondness
  • Touch of Heartache
  • Touch of Comfort (2018)
  • Touch of Romance (2018)

Lauren Jankowski

The Shape Shifter Chronicles (NA Urban Fantasy)
  • Sere from the Green
  • Through Storm and Night
  • From the Ashes
  • Haunted by the Keres
  • The Dwelling of Ekhidna

 Clare Dugmore

  • All It Takes (NA Contemporary Romance)

Dorothy Dreyer

Curse of the Phoenix Duology (NA Fantasy)
  • Phoenix Descending (2017)
  • Paragon Rising (2018)