Our Books

Below you will find our complete catalog of current and upcoming titles. Upcoming titles are indicated with their expected publication dates in parentheses.

Young Adult

Vicki L. Weavil

The Mirror of Immortality (YA Fantasy)
  • Book One, Crown of Ice
  • Book Two, Scepter of Fire

K.M. Robinson

The Golden Trilogy (YA Dystopian)
  • Book One, Golden
  • Book Two, Locked
  • Book Three, Edge (2018)
  • Forged, A Golden Novella
The Jaded Duology (YA Dystopian)
  • Book One, Jaded
  • Book Two, Risen (2018)

Selenia Paz

  • Life and Death (2017) (YA Paranormal)
  • The Devil’s Daughter (2018) (YA Contemporary/Mystery)

Melanie McFarlane

The Descendants Series (YA Fantasy)

  • Book One, The Missing Guardian (2017)
  • Book Two, The Mer-Queen’s Daughter (2018)
  • Book Three, The Fire Walker’s Curse(2019)
  • Book Four, The Court’s Last Stand (2020)

Mark C. King

The Book Reapers Series (YA Historical Fantasy)
  • Book One, The Book Reapers

Clara Kensie

Deception So (YA Thriller/Paranormal Romance)
  • Book One, Deception So Deadly
  • Book Two, Deception So Dark (2018)
  • Book Three, Deception So Dangerous (2018)

Mary Fan

  • Starswept (YA Science Fiction/Romance)

T. Damon

The Forest Spirit Series (YA Fantasy)
  • Book One, The Falling
  • Book Two, The Haunting
  • Book Three, The Reckoning
  • Book Four, The Awakening (2018)

Lyssa Chiavari

The Iamos Trilogy (YA Science Fiction)
  • Book One, Fourth World
  • Book Two, New World (2018)
  • Book Three, One World (2018)
  • Different Worlds, An Iamos Novella

New Adult

Jane Watson

The Dudebro Series (YA/NA Contemporary Romance)
  • The Taming of the Dudebro
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dudebro

Joy Penny

  • A Love For the Pages (NA Contemporary Romance)
Stay In Touch Series (NA Contemporary Romance)
  • Touch of Fondness
  • Touch of Heartache (2017)

Lauren Jankowski

The Shape Shifter Chronicles (NA Urban Fantasy)
  • The Dwelling of Ekhidna

To be re-released through SWP in 2017:

  • Sere From the Green
  • Through Storm and Night
  • From the Ashes
  • Haunted By the Keres

 Clare Dugmore

  • All It Takes (NA Contemporary Romance)

Dorothy Dreyer

Curse of the Phoenix Duology (NA Fantasy)
  • Phoenix Descending (2017)
  • Paragon Rising (2018)