SWP Titles Affected by the Pronoun Shutdown

You may have heard that a major ebook distributor, Pronoun, is shutting down soon. This affects some Snowy Wings titles, but not all. Here is a list of the titles affected and how this change will impact their availability:

Affected Titles:

  • The Golden Trilogy by K.M. Robinson
  • The Legends Chronicles: Source Code Novelettes by K.M. Robinson
  • Risen (Book Two of the Jaded Duology) by K.M. Robinson
  • The Shape Shifter Chronicles by Lauren Jankowski
  • The Forest Spirit Series by T. Damon
  • The Taming of the Dudebro by Jane Watson
  • Fourth World by Lyssa Chiavari
  • Perchance to Dream: Classic Tales from the Bard’s World in New Skins edited by Lyssa Chiavari

Important Notes Regarding All These Titles:

If you have purchased any of these books, you may no longer see the “You purchased this title on DATE” notification on the Amazon book listing because the ebook’s ASIN has changed. However, the book will still be available to you in your Kindle library.

Unfortunately, with the loss of Pronoun as a distributor we are no longer able to sell any of our books on Google Play. If you are a Google Play user and would like to have our books available to you, please consider emailing Google Play at and request that they add Draft2Digital as a vendor. Draft2Digital is another ebook distributor that many of our authors are using in lieu of Pronoun and this would enable us to get our books back in the hands of Google Play readers.

Anticipated Impact for Affected Titles:

The Golden Trilogy

Golden and Locked, as well as Forged (the trilogy’s prequel novella) were distributed to Amazon via Pronoun. Locked and Forged have already been migrated off Pronoun and are available for purchase. Golden is currently still listed for free via Pronoun pending some previously-scheduled ad campaigns. After the last ad runs in early December, Golden will be migrated off Pronoun.

If you preordered the final book of the trilogy, Edge, on or before November 6, your preorder was likely canceled or will be shortly. Pronoun has indicated they will not be honoring or transferring preorders for books scheduled to release after their final shutdown date of January 15. If you preordered the book, we recommend you cancel your order (if it has not already been canceled by the retailer) and place a new order.

We are working to get new preorders set up at most of the ebook retailers the Edge preorder was previously available at (except Google Play—see above). Check this page periodically as this is where the new purchase links for Edge will appear when the new preorder pages are live.

Finally, the release date of Edge has been moved forward to January 30 to get the book in readers’ hands sooner and hopefully make up for some of this inconvenience.

The Legends Chronicles: Source Code Novelettes

Along Came a Spider will continue to remain free on Amazon and all other retailers until January 15. Additionally, K.M. is currently working her fingers off to get you the second novelette, And They’ll Come Home, before year’s end. All preorders for And They’ll Come Home will be fulfilled as the book will be available before Pronoun shutters in January. You do not need to cancel your preorders for And They’ll Come Home—they will be fulfilled.

After Pronoun closes, there may be a brief period where Along Came a Spider and And They’ll Come Home will be $0.99 instead of free on Amazon. One-click permafree was unfortunately a perk exclusive to Pronoun. The novelettes will remain free at all other retailers (except Google Play), and we will work diligently to try to get Amazon to price match as quickly as possible.

Risen: Book Two of the Jaded Duology

The preorder for Risen has unfortunately been canceled. This is because Amazon does not allow preorder periods of longer than 90 days (this was another Pronoun perk). Risen is currently scheduled for release in March 2018. We will keep you posted when Risen is available for preorder again.

Book One of the series, Jaded, is unaffected by the Pronoun shutdown. It is currently available exclusively on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited and will remain so through December.

The Shape Shifter Chronicles

We were extremely disappointed that Pronoun’s shutdown was announced without warning just a week after the Shape Shifter Chronicles full series reboot. In order to try to minimize the damage on Lauren’s sales, we will be migrating her books immediately. Over the next several days, we will be re-relaunching the series as part of Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately the books will not be available outside Amazon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Forest Spirit Series

The Forest Spirit Series will remain on-sale at all major ebook retailers except Google Play. We do not have a time-frame yet for when the books will stop being available on Google Play—if you’re a Google Play reader and are interested in this series, we recommend you grab it as soon as possible as we do not have a concrete date for when we will be migrating the series off Pronoun, but we anticipate it will be sometime before the end of this month. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Taming of the Dudebro

The Taming of the Dudebro will remain permafree at all major retailers until January 15. At that time, the book will be available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited or to purchase for $0.99 as an Amazon exclusive. We will run periodic free deals on the book through Kindle Countdown. It will not be available on Instafreebie or other retailers after that time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fourth World

Fourth World has already been migrated off Pronoun and is available for purchase at all major retailers except Google Play. We anticipate minimal impact with this title.

Perchance to Dream

This anthology will no longer be available as an ebook at any retailer after January 15. It will continue to remain available in paperback for the indefinite future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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