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Author Interview K.M. Robinson: Live Text Reactions, Princesses, and Fake Flowers

Today we’re bringing you an exclusive interview from K.M. Robinson, author of Golden.

1.) What is one thing your character loves?

In Golden, Auluria loves being out in nature because it gives her a sense of freedom. Dov has a secret pond he likes to visit because it gives him security and has always been a place where he doesn’t have to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.
2.) What is one thing you love about being an author?

When people read my book and live text me their reactions. It’s a lot of fun when they yell at me over the things I put my characters through. Fan art is also amazing (I’m completely spoiled with my artists though, they’ve got all sorts of amazing imagery they create for me!)
3.) Flowers or candy?

Flowers if they are fake (totally allergic to the real ones) because I use them in my photo shoots!

4.) If your character were to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what would they do?

They would totally go on a picnic.

5.) What character should win an award for best book boyfriend? What character should win for best book girlfriend? 

I have so many books I love the lead guys from, but looking at it closely, I wouldn’t necessarily want to date them in real life, so while my first reaction is to say something like Four from Divergent, would I really be okay with him as a real life boyfriend? Considering the way he doesn’t actually listen to Tris, probably not. So I’m nominating Daniel from Shattered Memories by Susan Harris. He did everything to get Alana back when she was in a bad situation and he totally wins for best book boyfriend.

Jumping back to Divergent for a minute, I’m going to nominate Tris for best book girlfriend. She takes care of everyone, listens to Four, and gives up a lot to help him and the others. Even when he makes a few questionable choices, she is there to back him up. Am I a hopeless Divergent fan? Yes.

6.) What was the best Valentine’s Day card you ever received?

Probably something sparkly and princess-like. Gotta love the Disney princesses!

7.) If you were to give out Valentine’s Day cards this year, what would they say?

“Stay inspired” is my catch phrase for my businesses. I tend to say it to everyone all the time, so it’s likely I’d pop it on some pretty cards for people!

8.) Do you have anything fun planned this month?

I’m involved in a really great giveaway with seventeen other debut authors called SerendipiTEA, so I get to go make my own custom blend tea for the giveaway which will be fun. My birthday is at the end of the month, so I’ll probably take a day off and do something interesting but I don’t know what yet.

9.) Give us an update on what you’re working on right now. 

I’ve got a couple different books in play, but I’m focusing on one that’s a little…cold. That’s not cryptic at all, right? Should I say that a different way? Wait…was that a hint?

10.) What is your current most-used-word. 

I say “yo” a lot when I’m talking with my artist. It’s our signal word for “we’re about to have a serious conversation, so bring down the laughs and pay attention for a minute” and I tend to use “fabulous” and “perfect” multiple times a day.


Thanks so much to K.M. for joining us this month to chat about her Valentine’s day, what she’s working on right now, and her most used word. We can’t wait to have you back!

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